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Technology and Research

Our clinic service and care includes cold laser therapy. While individual experience may vary, research as well as our patient experiences demonstrate significant rapid improvement and long-term recovery of conditions including frozen Shoulder and tennis Elbow: also referred to as bursitis, capsulitis and other names. Regardless what it is called, pain prevents you from sleeping on your shoulder or elbow, or you cannot lift your arm/elbow without pain. Treatment time for each session averages 3-4 minutes. Laser is simply light. The treatment does not involve heating, vibrating, or ultrasound for recovery. Most patients report pain relief may begin following the first 2 office visits.

Farabloc is a fabric which helps treat injury or chronic conditions associated with connective tissue and proven in published research to minimizes the exposure to ordinary environment EMF (Electric and Magnetic fields). Subsequent research on the effect from the absence of EMF is found with Google search “PubMed Farabloc” or

Research since 2012 has also demonstrated major benefits for wound closure including post-surgery.


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Meet our doctors

You are our priority. Our goal is to put you on a path to recovery and well-being. Our doctors at Chilliwack Chiropractic have decades of combined experience in health care employing a wide range of full spine diversified techniques, exercise, diagnostic imaging, and prevention initiatives.

Dr. Morrison
Dr. MorrisonChiropractor
Dr. Morrison graduated cum laude with clinic honours from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Dr. Morrison is an avid distance runner, hiker and a former varsity rower. This has given her an appreciation, as both a Chiropractor and Chiropractic patient, the importance of maintaining your body’s function at any age.
Dr. Nixdorf
Dr. NixdorfChiropractor
Dr. Don Nixdorf is a well-known health professional, author, radio talk show host, TV personality, and keynote speaker speaking about your health care and costs. Dr. Don Nixdorf is a leading authority on patient care and health care reform and innovative science and technology initiatives. He has had provincial and federal government health appointments including WorkSafeBC and as medical member on former CPP Disability Review Tribunal. Dr. Nixdorf has served on provincial and national chiropractic boards including the regulatory and association bodies of the BC chiropractic profession as well as the Board of the Canadian Chiropractic Association. He is presently serving on initiatives for the development of an academic institute for chiropractic education and research for BC.