Visual physical exam procedures include orthopedic, neurological, and exams in office as well as diagnostic imaging including x-rays, CT or MRI scans. The Chiropractic doctor examines your spine and treats subluxation; a clinical and technical term used in association with two or more vertebra associated with pain and loss of flexibility that may also present neurological symptoms. When a joint does not bear weight properly or move properly it causes different problems to occur such as swelling (inflammation), pain, lack of motion in the area and may affect the nerve and wherever that nerve is going in the body. Referrals may also be arranged when necessary to other practitioners including a medical practitioner, massage therapist, physical therapist, podiatrist or other health professional as may be indicated.

You are our patient and we care about your well-being. We discuss your condition and concerns, both past and present, and consult with you about your expectations and possible steps towards recovery and better health. It’s your time to ask questions and take an active role with us in your health care.

Spine care and prevention is very simple. It’s the treatment of 24 bones of the human body, the nerves that pass through the vertebrae and the human conditions and health problems that arise from it. Chiropractic is simply the treatment of the movement of those vertebrae to restore the normal nerve and associated tissue function and help the body recover. Treatment, generally, is not painful. You may be coming in to see us already in pain and we’ll do our best to keep our treatment as gentle and pain-free as possible.


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