What causes spinal conditions to occur?

There are three main factors which can lead to spinal conditions: Physical stress: Heavy lifting, repetitive action, poor posture, car accident, falls, dehydration. Chemical stress: Poor diet, alcohol, smoking, vitamin deficiency, medications. Emotional stress:  Financial problems, marital/family issues, loss of loved ones, general depression.

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Can children develop spinal conditions?

Yes, in fact spinal conditions can develop at all stages of life particularly during more physically active periods in youth. Monitoring your spine symptoms function and well-being should be as routine as checking your blood pressure and watching your diet. Knowing the signs and symptoms of an underlying spinal condition can help you identify an [...]

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Why is my spine important?

Your spine is the core of your skeleton from the base of your skull to your tailbone. It serves many important functions including: Protecting your spinal cord and related essential nerves which make up the central nervous system. Giving structure and connection for your hips, legs, shoulders and arms. Serving as an attachment to muscles [...]

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