How does stress affect the health of my spine?

When at all possible, prevent and reduce stress in your life. Periods of stress are often accompanied by loss of regular proper movement and activity. Stress can cause muscles to tense up, headaches, and other body aches. Acute stress may also lower your immune system and make you susceptible to viruses and other illness. Get [...]

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How important is physical activity?

Exercise is important to overall health. The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends at least 2.5 hours of vigorous activity per week (30 minutes of activity 5 times a week). Take 5-10 minutes before and after each activity to warm up and cool down. Stretching reduces the risk of injury. When lifting items, lift correctly. [...]

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What about my diet?

There are public and published ways to decrease your risk of injury and ensure a healthy spine throughout all stages of life. Make healthy food choices and eat balanced meals throughout the day. Nutrient rich foods provide essential vitamins and minerals to bones, muscles and tissues. Healthy eating habits promote a healthy body weight. Extra [...]

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What can I do to ensure the health of my spine?

Good overall health is the first step towards making sure your spine stays healthy. Prevention is also key to long-term back health. Here are a few tips: Warm up and cool down before beginning physical activities such as running, sports and even gardening. Take a few minutes to stretch and ease into the activity. Be [...]

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I was hurt at work. Where can I go for treatment?

Whether you have incurred an injury at work from repetitive motion strain or a slip and fall that has caused loss of work and pain, if your condition involves your back, neck including neuropathy, your chiropractic doctor should treat you immediately. WorkSafeBC provides information on immediate access and treatment from your family chiropractor when you [...]

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What causes spinal conditions to occur?

There are three main factors which can lead to spinal conditions: Physical stress: Heavy lifting, repetitive action, poor posture, car accident, falls, dehydration. Chemical stress: Poor diet, alcohol, smoking, vitamin deficiency, medications. Emotional stress:  Financial problems, marital/family issues, loss of loved ones, general depression.

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Can children develop spinal conditions?

Yes, in fact spinal conditions can develop at all stages of life particularly during more physically active periods in youth. Monitoring your spine symptoms function and well-being should be as routine as checking your blood pressure and watching your diet. Knowing the signs and symptoms of an underlying spinal condition can help you identify an [...]

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