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Spinal conditions and injuries can be debilitating. Back pain can make it difficult to enjoy life, perform well at work or even prevent you for being able to work, play sports or care for others. No one wants to be in pain. Our team of healthcare professionals at Chilliwack Chiropractic will quickly provide you a probable cause and diagnosis and put you on the path towards healing and recovery. If you are experiencing back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain from a home, sports or workplace injury or car accident then book your appointment today and take the first step to feeling better.

Chronic pain from a spine condition (neck, mid back, lower back) will often include loss of flexibility and pain whether turning in bed, arising from a chair, or walking. Exercise will often be painful to perform during periods of back pain. Conventional care including diagnosis and mainstream chiropractic procedure referred to as adjustment helps 80% of persons improve or recover.

Your pain and associated symptoms or conditions may include chronic headache associated with neck and arm pain/tingling, rib and shoulder pain, low back pain with or without tingling and leg pain usually down one leg.


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Your care for relief of life’s aches and pains

Neck pain

7 moving vertebrae support your head

Chiropractic can relieve discomfort

  • Post Injury Arthritic Symptoms

  • Radiating Wrist and Hand Pain (CTS)

  • TMJ Pain

  • Headache/Migraine

  • Symptoms of Herniated Disc (Stenosis)
  • Restricted Neck Motion
  • Car Crash and Sport Injury

Upper back pain

12 moving vertebrae support your neck and rib cage

Chiropractic can help you heal

  • Radiating Muscle Tension/Pain
  • Shoulder Pain (Frozen Shoulder)
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS – Arm to Hand Pain)

Lower back pain

5 moving vertebrae support the most weight

Chiropractic can get you back to normal

  • Congenital Facet Scoliosis
  • Idiopathic Low Back Pain
  • Lumbar Stenosis (Disc Protrusion)
  • Low Back from Car Crash and Sport Injury
  • Sciatica (Leg Pain)
  • Work and Home Low Back Injury and Pain


Please call (604) 792-1388 to make an appointment. You may reach us by phone from 8:30am to 5:30 pm Monday to Wednesday and Friday and 9:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday.  We are closed Thursday and Sunday.

Please do not come to the clinic if you do not receive a confirmation call.

Modern science supports practice-based evidence and outcomes for your best recovery from back pain.

Services we offer


On-Site X-Rays

On-site x-ray examinations at Chilliwack Chiropractic allow our doctors to immediately see the spine area of complaint or injury. Furthermore, x-rays also help identify common congenital, arthritic, and relevant changes from previous injury or sport that impact treatment and prevention.


Spine Care

Usual physical exam procedures include orthopedic, neurological, and case history in office. When indicated a review of diagnostic imaging including x-rays, CT or MRI scans may be ordered. The Chiropractic doctor examines your spine and treats an area experiencing pain and loss of flexibility that may also present neurological symptoms.